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Yuho's paintings are amongst a wide variety of visual art, from abstracts to inks, her versatility as a creator truly shines in the diversity of styles. All of her pieces are different and unique in their own way, but they all stem from the same passionate hands that created them in the first place. Each painting features bold colors to convey and evoke a sense of emotion. Some may incorporate many colors, while a few may not, but they all carry a story that is painted across the canvas. Yuho wishes to spread this sense of passion and creativity into the world, while also inspiring many minds across the nation to do what they love. No matter one's age, creed, or race, anyone can do anything they put their mind to. Everyone is extraordinary and their art will be too. 

Born in Hong Kong, Yuho has also lived on both planes of the globe. Having spent time in Tokyo, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, she has garnered a global multicultural perspective, allowing her to implement many different cultural components into her art. Following in her mother's footsteps as an art fanatic, Yuho chose to start her career as a jewelry designer before transitioning into a painter. In doing so, she discovered that creating art came naturally to her, and decided to pursue it further. Yuho places no boundaries for herself and will always think outside of the box. Thus, she uses many different mediums for her art that includes and isn't limited to mixed media, abstract, fluid paintings, etc. Having studied at The Art Students League of New York, Yuho's desire to continue learning and drive to continue creating will never stop, forever looking for new things to inspire her. 


The following artwork pieces that are uploaded to this site will show Yuho's creativity, determination, and positive energy to create what she deems beautiful. Thank you for dropping by and hopefully, her art will inspire you to create art of your own. 

Artist Statement:

I'm an artist based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. While my work is best described as abstract, I primarily draw inspiration from the Earth's beautiful natural resources as well as its landscapes. My choice of tools often involves working with ink and acrylic as both mediums flow graciously and lusciously, helping me achieve my vision. Additionally, coming from a jewelry background, which requires a great deal of imagination and creativity, I've been able to transfer those skills to my work as an artist. I have found it easier to visualize my painting's setting, placement, color tones, and orientation before my paintbrush hits the canvas.


After spending years designing jewelry pieces, I've found myself increasingly drawn to sparkle and sophistication. As such, when I paint, I look for bold colors to emit feelings of passion, freedom, and positive energy. To me, it's most important to focus on formal color relationships and visual composition. 

Artist Memberships:


Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA)                   

International Association of Art (IAA/USA)

HK Fringe Club.jpeg

National Association of Women Artists, Inc (NYC) 

The Fringe Club (Hong Kong)

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 9.18.06 PM.png

Hong Kong International Young Artists Society (Hong Kong)

Marble Surface

Frank O'Cain

"The world is in waiting and the creators that are expanding their horizons to bring their life as they find it.

A deeper reality emerges.

Yuho is one whose heart and love of life are executed with intelligence and a real sense of unified force that is in so few’

When you view her work you can sense the flesh and bone of her color and motion and the need to ask “What more”

It is a privilege to watch her struggle for the bridge that will allow her to move deeper and in doing so 

bringing the viewer into a reality that gives expansion to the inner mind sharing the journey.

If one has the opportunity  to move along the color trail with her they know they have been given a gift

My life is richer because she has allowed me to share this journey.

Execution, vision, and fearless are the first reality one feels.

Frank O'Cain May 27, 2022"

As the time comes and one is handed a talent that seeks to move into deeper levels of self to discover a clear description of that essence

that so often moves just out of reach When one is allowed to bring the simple langue of space a painter must have to control so many levels of probability when that is before you

The need grows and the pleasure of being in the arena with that much energy is seen as a privilege

What you see now will grow 

As the sensitivity of surface and shape is felt  the creator will grow

Talent is obvious, 

What comes next will be a joy to see

Frank O'Cain December 24, 2020

Ronnie Landfield

"I am writing this in strong support of the work of Yuho.


She pursues her paintings, drawings, collages and visual constructions with.

Fearlessness, curiosity and skill. Her work is interesting as she develops her personal vision.


Ronnie Landfield, NY January 31, 2021"


Yuho retains all of the copyrights to all artwork and images on this site, regardless of having sold the original piece. ©  

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