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The inspiration for my Uncut series came from my love for raw uncut gemstones, which I consider one of mother nature's most beautiful creations. As a jewelry designer, I've come across many unique rock formations, often containing remarkable colors, jagged edges, and distinctive shapes. Raw gemstones have been my primary muse when painting for the longest time, as each is like no other, especially after they become fine jewelry.

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If you've ever peered through a Kaleidoscope, you'll find yourself immersed in a sea of colors and a wave of symmetry. The feeling it evokes is almost palpable, and so, when it came time for me to create my next series, I discovered inspiration in the fragments of colored glass in that tiny tube. It created picturesque landscapes in my mind and gave me the opportunity to paint them on multiple canvases. As such, Through the Glass Kaleidoscope, was born.

The inspiration for my series, The Poetry of Huangshan, came to me during my travels to The Yellow Mountain, located in the South of Anhui, China. It is one of the country's most famous mountain ranges and is also known as Huangshan.

When looking out at its ethereal landscape, Huang Shan evokes a feeling of tranquility and an indescribable vastness. Due to the breathtaking scenery, the mountain range has inspired many painters for generations, including myself. Specifically, I was drawn to Huangshan's rugged cliffs, the sea of clouds, the strange pines, and everything that the changing of seasons brings around. Huangshan is one of nature's most brilliant pieces of art, and it only takes one look to understand why.

Having grown up in the concrete jungles my whole life, I have never felt such tranquility as being in a place like Huangshan. The hustle and bustle of city life often overshadow the peace we deserve. While creating artwork for this series, I often picture myself standing near the edge of a cliff, feeling the breeze of the crisp air while overlooking the vast mountains covered by floating clouds below me. This palpable feeling translates onto my canvases as I try to imitate weightlessness, the feeling of being so high up, with every brush stroke and even the colors I choose to utilize. As my Huangshan series reminds me of serenity, I hope it inspires people to see past their hardships and understand that within the craziness of everyday life, there is beauty and that one should do whatever they can to immerse themselves in it.

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The series "Tales of the Round"  suggests a narrative unfolding within the confines of a circular canvas. The circle, being a timeless symbol, often represents unity, wholeness, and cycles. In this context, the series seems to explore the journey of life from its inception to its culmination.

The pristine symbol at the core of the circle may symbolize the beginning of life, radiating purity and boundless potential. As the paintings progress, they skillfully capture the different stages of life, each represented by distinct artistic elements. Childhood is depicted with playful strokes, embodying the carefree essence of youth. Adolescence is symbolized by intricate patterns, reflecting the complex challenges faced during this period.

The transition into youth is marked by bold and vibrant strokes, representing energy and ambition. Midlife convergence is portrayed with warm and rich tones, symbolizing the merging of experiences and the depth of a life well-lived. The series gracefully concludes with a depiction of the golden years, using deep and profound ink to reflect the culmination of a lifetime.

By utilizing interconnected paintings within the circular frame, my series creates a visual and emotional tapestry that weaves together the profound story of life's journey. The circle acts as an embracing and unifying element, suggesting the cyclical nature of life and the interconnectedness of its various stages. Overall, "Tales of the Round" is to invite viewers to contemplate the beauty, challenges, and richness inherent in the journey of life.

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