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東京都美術館 The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 


06/15/2023 - 06/20/2023 

Showcased Art: The Poetry of Huangshan

I am honored to showcase the six pieces of The Poetry of Huangshan at the invite-only 22nd Japan International Art Exchange "THE USA EXHIBITION" .

The inspiration for my series came to me during my travels to The Yellow Mountain, located in the South of Anhui, China. It is one of the country's most famous mountain ranges and is also known as Huangshan.


When looking out at its ethereal landscape, Huang Shan evokes a feeling of tranquility and an indescribable vastness. Due to the breathtaking scenery, the mountain range has inspired many painters for generations, including myself. Specifically, I was drawn to Huangshan's rugged cliffs, the sea of clouds, the strange pines, and everything that the changing of seasons brings around. Huangshan is one of nature's most brilliant pieces of art, and it only takes one look to understand why.


Having grown up in the concrete jungles my whole life, I have never felt such tranquility as being in a place like Huangshan. The hustle and bustle of city life often overshadow the peace we deserve. While creating artwork for this series, I often picture myself standing near the edge of a cliff, feeling the breeze of the crisp air while overlooking the vast mountains covered by floating clouds below me. This palpable feeling translates onto my canvases as I try to imitate weightlessness, the feeling of being so high up, with every brush stroke and even the colors I choose to utilize. As my Huangshan series reminds me of serenity, I hope it inspires people to see past their hardships and understands that within the craziness of everyday life, there is beauty and that one should do whatever one can to immerse themselves in it.

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